Delicious Party♡Precure

Delicious Party♡Precure

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The mysterious, delicious world of CooKingdom, which rules over all the cuisine in this world. CooKingdom has closely guarded the Recipe-Bon, in which it's written how to prepare any dish. But, oh no! One day, it gets stolen by the Bundoru Gang! The Bundoru Gang plans to monopolize everything for themselves, and their next target is the Cuisine Fairy Recipeppi... The Energy Fairies have come to Oishi-Na Town in the human world in search of the Recipe-Bon. With their help, an unexpected turn of events leads to three ordinary girls transforming into Pretty Cures! They stand up to the Bundoru Gang, to recover the Recipe-Bon, and to protect everyone's delicious smiles!

Other name:デリシャスパーティ♡プリキュア


Status: Completed

Released 2022

Genre: Action Fantasy Shoujo

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