Billionaire's Masked Bride Season 3

Billionaire's Masked Bride Season 3

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Ye Ziqiu, who comes from a wealthy family, has been living in the mud. She was kind and patient, and in order to marry a fool for her sister, she was forcibly implanted with a new heart when she was dying, and has since fallen into the clutches of Yan Mengjun! This perverted pervert who cheats the whole world is not only extremely smart, but also a demon head with a mask! She lives only to atone for her sins, but since she married Yan Mengjun, she had to beg for peace with her body, and he said that he no longer wants her heart. But...

Other name: 婚色撩人3 婚色撩人第三季 俺様社長との拉致結婚 3 납치 결혼 당했습니다? 3 Hun Se Liao Ren 3 Hun Se Liao Ren Di San Ji Billionaire's Masked Bride S3 My Intimate Enemy Season 3


Status: Ongoing

Released 2023

Genre: Action Adventure Romance

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